Working in cold environments can be dangerous. More than 700 people die of hypothermia each year in the United States. To help protect workers in cold environments, OSHA reminds employers and workers to take simple precautions, such as those listed on OSHA's Cold Stress Card
Prolonged exposure to freezing or cold temperatures can result in health problems such as trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia. When the body is unable to warm itself, serious cold-related illnesses and injuries may occur, and permanent tissue damage and death may result.

Employers and workers in construction, commercial fishing, maritime and agriculture need to take precautions and learn how to prevent and treat cold-related disorders. Death can result very quickly in cases of cold water immersion.

More information about cold and cold hazards can be found on OSHA's website, www.osha.gov and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) www.cdc.gov and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) www.cdc.gov/niosh
As you know, growing a business can be difficult, but not impossible. Businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses.

If you could save money, improve productivity, lower insurance cost and increase employee morale, would you?

The success of your business depends, in large, on the men and women who work for you.

Protecting their safety and health on the job makes good business sense, the right thing to do and is the Law.

At the work, No one should die for a check...

We have positions for NYCT Approved Construction Safety Engineers and Licensed NYC DOB Site Safety Managers.

OSHA's "Top 10" (Violations)

Once again in 2013 the most frequently cited OSHA standards were:

  • Fall Protection
  • Hazard Communication
  • Scaffolding
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Electrical (Wiring Methods)
  • Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Ladders
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  • Electrical (General Requirements)
  • Machine Guarding


    BST recognizes that a jobsite poses a unique challenge to management and employees alike, with its constantly changing conditions; it is a work environment that differs each day with its hazards. We want to earn your business.

    All instructors are qualified safety and/or health professionals. Our instructors have the education and the many years of combined experience needed to help establish safety programs and training for our clients.

    DBE & MBE Approved


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